Dedicated Servers

Most companies host their websites on shared servers. On a shared server there many websites, sharing the resources of the one machine. The shared hosting is much cheaper and ideal for companies that do not have credit card transactions, which do not have much traffic or nothing contained in their databases is very sensitive. Companies that rely on their websites and databases for your business should invest in a more controlled environment and infinitely more private, such as a dedicated server.

What would you gain from a Dedicated Server?

  1. Secure Data Protection: Privacy, security.
  2. Exclusive use of the resources of the server: performance, power, speed.
  3. Full control over the applications installed.

Secure data protection.

A shared environment is not ideal for maintaining the security of your data, because many users have access to the same system. With a dedicated server you can set security policies you want, and even access shield to keep your data in a safer environment.

Exclusive use of server resources.

In a shared server all websites hosted on it share processing power, RAM and disk space. In a dedicated server all resources are used exclusively for your sites and applications, and you have the ability and the right to consume all the resources that the machine that are available (process, RAM, storage)

Full Control.

You can install the applications you want, start the processes and services you need, and tasks that you consider appropriate. The server is at your disposal for anything you need at all times, and you are no longer dependent on your hosting company, you can configure everything as you require. It also allows greater control with things like security – full access logs. The whole server is for you, with access “superuser” for you to do the work you want. Although if you want, and you do not need all that control, most companies offer a server management service, so you can worry about your business exclusively.