How Hostgator VPS Web Hosting is Better than the Other?

We all known HostGator is one of the most powerful webhosting providers worldwide. They offer many types of webhosting but in this article, we learn how Hostgator VPS webhosting is better than the other. If you get thousands of visitors every day and your business or sales increase day by day. At that time you need a powerful hosting plan that manages more traffic and also you need to add more features, products, and services to your website. if you have a shared hosting plan that might not have sufficient resources to handle more traffic websites a dedicated server cost is very expensive.

At that time you need to buy the Hostgator VPS webhosting plan which is better than the others and affordable in price. They give you more resources to handle traffic, more features and full control over your website. Lets first learn more about Hostgator VPS hosting, features, pricing before we learn how to redeem coupons to save more bucks.

Hostgator VPS webhosting is better than the others

A virtual private server is a virtualized server that allows you to scale up your server easily. VPS hosting is like a mini version of dedicated hosting. If you are looking for an affordable yet faster hosting option. Hostgator VPS hosting is a smart choice for your website. They give you high-quality service under your budget and not compromise with its service and quality. It provides easy scalability which means, you will never pay for more resources than you need for your websites. You can manage your hosting plan according to your website needs like if your website grows so according to your website you can easily upgrade your plan that’s the benefit of using VPS hosting from HostGator.

Benifits to choose hostgator VPS hosting

Why choose Hostgator VPS Webhosting Plan

Hostgator VPS hosting is ideal for growing websites. It’s better than shared webhosting because they share a server technically but every website has a dedicated space allotted along with resources. If you have a HostGator VPS hosting plan, your site gets better performance capacity and customization. Hostgator VPS hosting has many features that are easy to use and increase your website performance with dedicated control. Let’s check out below all the features one by one

  • Flexibility
  • Advanced and modern functions
  • Excellent customer support
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Full packages of tools
  • Backups weekly
  • Award-winning


According to the shared hosting plan, VPS hosting is a little bit high in range. But they give limited resources and are not able to manage high traffic at that time if you think to shop dedicated servers. It’s not budget-friendly and the price is 10 times more than shared hosting. So why pay more if Hostgator VPS hosting plan is just 796/month with dedicated features. And VPS hosting is a midway solution, both in terms of resources and expense.

Complete Control

Hostgator VPS hosting is the perfect platform for developers and growing websites. They give you complete control over their server and resources. You can easily configure the server according to your website needs. Hostgator VPS hosting is an independent server like a dedicated server.

Hostgator VPS webhosting Plan & Pricing

Hostgator Vps plan & pricing

The company offers the best VPS Hosting plant at just $19.95/month. In this Plan, you will get 2GB RAM, 2 cores CPU, 120GB disk space and 1.5 TB bandwidth. Not enough you will get some of the advanced features that are given below:

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Latest and Greatest C-panel control panel.
  • Free Hostgator Website Builder along with the hosting.
  • Ability to install various scripts with just one click.
  • Hostgator is one of the green hosting companies.
  • There are many other benefits.

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If you are using a shared webhosting plan and your website grows day by day at that time you need more resources and storage. Hostgator VPS webhosting is one of the best packages for developers and ideal for growing websites at an affordable price. They give you flexibility and full control that’s why Hostgator VPS webhosting is Better than the other.