VPS Hosting

If your needs are greater and hosting and shared hosting no longer provide the level of service to meet your needs, then a VPS Virtual Server is the next level which must be accessed.

If you have a hosting company or want to be one, you can sell a VPS hosting accounts not only standard, may also offer reseller plans.

Most VPS servers are managed, meaning they have support for maintenance, upgrades and configurations and come with cPanel and WHM already configured and running.

The benefits of VPS Hosting plans are:

  • If you need special configurations or want to install non-standard libraries or have custom access to databases then a VPS is the best solution.
  • Your VPS has allocated fixed resources, has a certain amount of memory, disk space and CPU insured.
  • A VPS has full control of the processes, the processes are not shared with other users and can manage their own firewall.
  • With a VPS you can sell Reseller Hosting accounts.

The servers hosting VPS servers are usually Rackeable powerful servers, hosted with all necessary supplies, in addition to continuity of operations (redundancy, power line alternative, alternative Internet line, tempered Environment).