What is Web Hosting?

You must want to know what is web hosting? Simplifying in easy words. Web Hosting is a company where you rent a space for your websites. The company provides service to the users or to the company where they can store and distribute web pages, web files, information, videos, on the internet.

Types of web hosting

1) Dedicated web hosting

2) Shared web hosting

3) VPS web hosting

4) Managed web hosting

5) Reseller web hosting

6) Cloud web hosting

Dedicated web hosting: Dedicated web hosting is a service on the internet where you rent the entire server and don’t have to share it with anyone. In this dedicated web hosting, you get the full authority of all your resources including operating systems. This type of web hosting is mainly used for an E-commerce website. Customers can customize their website as per their use and also it is more secure than another web hosting.

Shared web hosting:  Shared hosting hosts several sites by a single server. This web hosting is not sufficient for sites with high traffic so it is used mainly for private and small sites. This type of web hosting is low cost as this server is divided with many users. You can even add some more space if you need or getting more traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): It’s the combination of both dedicated and shared web hosting. In a virtual private server, you get the authority of your resources as well as in the same machine you can host many websites. But the amount of resources is fixed.

Cloud web hosting: This type of hosting uses the resources of several clustered servers. And also this is the most advanced technology and a platform where hundreds of servers work together individually. In this cloud hosting, service is provided by multiple servers. Your web pages use virtual resources of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your site.

Reseller web hosting: It’s a platform where you are allowed to host websites. And it is the best way of making money. Like if one buys reseller web hosting, it is able to host different web pages by providing a small number of spaces to a different user. And the reseller hosting the provider would be the in-charge of any technical issue.

Managed web hosting: This managed web hosting is for the people who don’t have the knowledge of managing server or web page. When you choose managed web hosting the company will take care of your site and will manage it. They will take all the responsibilities of your security. But you have to pay for it.